"Code-Mas" Illustration

As seen on RotoRob

Bugs and Bunny

This is a portrait of Carolyn and her bunny, Shemp. Its a good feeling to knock out a quick painting, it helps transition into larger,more complicated compositions.
Thanks for being so beautiful Bugs!


That palette doesn't look very appetizing...
My new resolution, never have this desk empty!

Dick Tracy

I have set up my drafting table so I can simply come home and start painting. This is my first oil painting so far. I did do one other, but I'm saving to show that for when Carolyn and I send out our wedding invitations.
I was always a fan of Dick Tracy. I remember when the movie came out in the early 90's and I was enamored as a kid to get as much Dick Tracy stuff as possible. The original comic is very charming, relying on the silliness and vulgar appearances of the gangsters in contrast to Dick Tracy's level headed, handsome, and intelligent persona.
Not too far from where I'm at, over in Woodstock, is a Chester Gould Museum dedicated to Dick Tracy. I'm excited to go see it, especially if they have any original material, like drawings.
Here is my rendition of Dick, only represented as if he was on a Pulp Magazine cover.
This painting isn't completely finished, only a few details remain.