Little Space Helmet Page 2

Here is another finished page for Little Space Helmet. Here, Red is receiving a package to take to her grandmother, but Mr. Wolf is spying on her, hoping that he can steal the package away from Red. You can see some of the sketches for this page in my earlier posts.

A Good Cause

I am set to paint a mural for a little girl through the Make a Wish Foundation. She likes cartoons and animals so I came up with this idea for the mural. I have painted a large mural before (75ft. long) and this mural will be 25 ft. long, but I'm striving to add much more detail. Here is a colored sketch of what I have in mind so far. Expect plenty of pictures soon.


These are transfer drawings on vellum.

These drawings are the final sketches on vellum that mke their way into paintings. They aren't too elaborate, instead I sketch out the lighting and dynamics for the painting on another sheet. These drawings are traced and transfered to the watercolor paper.

Little Space Sketches

This project started off with the simple idea of "Little Red Riding Hood" in space. These are early sketches that explored the idea of Red Riding Hood as an astronaut.
After establishing the idea of Riding Hood in space, the next step was to flesh out the main character. Red was too pudgy in the early sketches, then I thought this version wasn't fun enough. However, this sketch did retain many of the final elements that wento into Red later on. Her helmet, antenna, body, facial features, and glove size were all recognized here.