Space Helmet Page 1

This is the first page completed of Little Space Helmet. Here we are introduced to Red, a little space girl who likes to explore and go on adventures.
I will be posting sketches and comps of this page so you can see just how Red was created.

Little Space Helmet

I think kids are missing out on some cool stuff. I remember so many picture books from when I was younger that were filled with fantastic illustrations. I've decided to make my own children's book that I believe kids will love to look at and read. It'll be exciting, adventurous, and full of weird and silly characters. I've always been a fan of 50's future designs and concepts, so that'll be in the book too. I have one completed page with one more on the way. Hopefully I'll have this project finished before the end of this year. I will keep up with sketches and finished paintings by posting them here.