Book Cover for upcoming Fantasy Novel

Digital Illustration for a book cover.

First Sketch. The shadows of the figures make the shape of a hand.

Adding clothes.

Determining the light sources. The main one from behind (creating the hand shape) and a small glow
from the gold pile.

Final. The composition still needs a map drawn on the floor. 

Metroid First Round

First round on a Metroid painting. Starting with Burnt umber under painting.

Castlevania Final

Oil on canvas
20 x 24in

City Ink

Inking a city scene.

Bunny Stuff

All the stuff we own, because we own a bunny.

Vector art

Maleficium Dark Art Exhibition 2013

I'll have artwork on display at the Maleficium Dark Art Exhibition.
Opening night is tonight, Nov 2.

Castlevania paint 3

Update on painting. Added more details to the background. Now the castle has someone living in it.

Almost there. Just another session will get me nearly finished, then it will be all the fine details.

Car Screen Print Designs

First designs for a collection of screen prints.

This series features classic sport and muscle cars. Starting with the Ford GT40 Le Mans.
This print will feature bright orange and blue inks that match the original car colors.

The second in the series is the 1976 Firebird Trans Am (the Bandit). This print will use
2 different gold inks. Both inks will be a shiny metallic finish.

Castlevania Paint 2

 Coming along, still only a 4 color mixed palette.

Castlevania Part 1

Drawing for a Castlevania painting

Canvas transfer. Monochromatic shading.

2 color palette.

4 colors. Now adding background.